Open Letter to VA Sen. Tim Kaine

Dear Senator Kaine:

I am appalled that children of refugees are being separated from their parents and housed in sub-standard conditions, as is currently happening near our southern border.  The human rights ramifications of this new Trump policy SHOULD initiate an emergency response from Congress equaling  our response to a natural disaster!  What in God’s Name are our representatives thinking by allowing such abhorrent treatment of human beings, especially children, to continue for one more minute of one more day in the United States of America?  No excuse, no rationalization- whether from Atty. General Jeff Sessions or our demented president- can be tolerated.  Going forward, this conduct will be viewed much as we regard use of the Japanese camps during WWII.  If we cannot evolve into better human beings ourselves by protecting the human rights of all, we will deserve the country we are fated to create.

I would appreciate your response, but if that must come by way of a “form letter,” don’t bother.

Most sincerely,

Sue Ellen Valk

[sent to Senator Kaine via e-mail 6/6/18]


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