Welcome to Wholly Holy Human, where through original poetry  and prose I hope to encourage you to think about what it truly means to be human!  What do we all have in common?  What challenges do we face?  But most importantly, I also hope to encourage you to recognize and embrace the holiness in both our individual and collective humanity. It is the holiness in humankind which unites us despite divisive worldly influences, giving us the power to create the world we all envision.  

My name is Sue Ellen Valk.  I am, in this order:  a woman; a mom and grandmother; a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (ret.); an anthropologist (BA.)  Each of these roles has afforded me unique opportunities and abundant learning experiences.  Having children has taught me love is more than an emotion; it is a commitment.  Being in the healthcare profession has enhanced my empathy for individuals.  The study of anthropology encouraged me to recognize the similarities of all people who share our planet rather than concentrating on the differences we are taught to see. 

But I’ve left out my primary role- being a woman. More than any other characterization I may claim, I believe being a woman in our world offers the gifts of strength and humility.  Women have a loud voice, which we insist must be heard.  But we also know the voices of all others are equally important.  Strength with humility: a very powerful combination.