Another Open Letter to Senator Kaine

Dear Senator Kaine:

Thank you for confirming your opinion on this subject [re: your letter titled “About Judge Kavanaugh.”]  The multiple and varied accusations against Judge Kavanaugh should preclude allowing him to sit on the highest court in our country- or any other court, in my opinion.  However, although we may be able to inch forward and rectify this particular dilemma, we MUST continue to view this issue in the larger context of which this is a symptom.

Misogyny, racism, religious extremism- and any “otherism” we may describe- all arise from fear and a need to quell that fear by being in control or taking control of whatever situation generated the fear.  Control seems to be the magic potion to many who believe they can create the world that best suits them personally.  But control is an illusion, a temporary fix, like a shot of whiskey or a hit of heroin; one always needs more.  The temporary relief control might bring encourages the continued behavior to see and seek control as a solution.  Inevitably, we fail to maintain such relief, but those stuck in such a cycle just don’t get it, don’t realize their temporary “fix” only creates deeper problems, causing more fear.

Until we acknowledge both our fears and our utter lack of being able to control anything other than ourselves, we will keep on floundering.  Each of the world’s citizens is unique.  We share the same needs. We all deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness.  Therefore it is our responsibility as human beings to honor these facts universally.  We must guard the human rights of all; accept that we can control only ourselves, our actions and reactions; address our fears and address them at their origin- within ourselves; acknowledge our personal viewpoint may not be the best or most accurate.

These are the types of challenges I address in my blog  Please read it.

Most sincerely,

Sue Ellen Valk



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