We knew the Truth before birth
     You see;
We flowed within the sun.
Our tiny hands held galaxies,
Our souls all breathed as one.
But gently we were taught 
     We each
Are separate, alone;
Our unity fled memory,
We lost what we had known.

We knew the Truth as babes
     Of course;
We basked in God's warm heart.
Our love was pure, our strength and source,
A blessing to impart.
Then slowly we were taught
     We must
Guard carefully our prize:
In fear we mourned our loss of trust,
The blinding of our eyes.

We knew the Truth at first
     It's clear: 
Our universe was whole.
There weren't any boundaries 
To our sacred child soul.
Awakened in the womb
     Our birth
Exemplified life's pain:
Transcending lessons taught on earth
To remember once again.

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