Dear People of Brussels . . .

And to all the citizens of Belgium,

We weep for you, we weep with you.  We understand and share your pain and grief, your anger and fear.  As the news of your shocking assault by the cult we call ISIS unfolded, we were reminded of the numerous attacks on humanity we have all endured throughout history.  While the faces of those who have chosen to inflict such unmerciful assaults have changed over time, their agendas of trying to attain power and control over others have NOT changed.  Through deceitful masking of their true goals, leaders of these vicious groups have attracted followers who are unaware of the larger scheme.  We are beginning to realize we must unmask those leaders rather than merely trying to eliminate them.  We are also learning to deny them what they seek:  we have become more cautious while not allowing fear to direct the course of our lives.

We watched as the people of Brussels and all of  Belgium continued living through their days of sorrow with dignity and determination.  We watched as our president, Mr. Obama, offered American support and a call for world unity along with his condolences.  Please know our hearts are with you as you maintain your hopes for tomorrow.  The holiness of our humanity will prevail.

Most Sincerely,

Sue Ellen Valk, one of the millions who speak as an American


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